Where Does The Hate Come From?

I’ve been worried of late. Extremely worried.

Has anyone else noticed how the level of hate crime appears to be on the increase? I’m talking of all hate crime all over the world, although for me I’ve obviously been disturbed by the escalation within the LGBTQ sector.

Only a few days ago a female couple, one Uruguayan and the other American, were assaulted and robbed on a late night-bus in London, because they wouldn’t perform a sexual display for the gratification of a group of five teenagers aged 15-18. Thankfully, the injuries sustained by them, a broken jaw and a broken nose, weren’t serious physically, when you think what could have happened. It remains to be seen though what psychological damage has been inflicted on the pair, although initially they seem to be coping well. However, in the longer term it may well damage their relationship. I hope it doesn’t. It appears the morons were tracked down, with the help of CCTV, and charged with robbery and aggravated grievous bodily harm. It’s been treated by police as a homophobic attack. Personally, I hope they throw the key away.

We see across the world what seems an almost daily event, changes in various government’s policies rescinding the rights of LGBTQ citizens won by the democratic process in previous regimes. The announcements are usually given with a look of glee. Adoption, marriage both domestic – and partners from other countries, access to healthcare, and so the list goes on (not so far in the UK, thankfully).

Hopefully, any people reading this blog will not be discriminatory in their beliefs, but one can never tell. The fact is, discrimination is alive and raising its ugly head in all parts of the world, amongst the general populations. I believe there is no doubt it’s hate driven, but what I can’t understand is why it matters so much when the rights being given on bring parity, not advancement of any kind.

I wish someone would explain to me why it matters so much to another human being, what any other person does or doesn’t do. They are not being asked to care for adopted children, only their own. They are not being asked to pay extra taxes and the LGBTQ pay the same as anyone else. They are not being asked to feed anyone extra, or offer shelter and care. Gay people serve their country with the same national pride as any other servicemen/women and defend all of their compatriots with the same vigour, regardless of whom they sleep with – not just the gay ones in the population.

So, I ask again, why does it matter and what generates this vociferous hatred?

My guess would be mis-education. It is only a guess and I have no statistics to back-up my belief. Only 50 years of experience and people watching. Not watching in the Vogue fashionista style, but body language and facial expressions when gay people are mentioned in conversation. The number of times I’ve heard women say, ‘I don’t know how they can!’, and wanted to reply, ‘Have you asked them?’ but held my tongue. I’m sorry I kept quiet now. Sorry, because I had a chance to educate another person and missed out on the opportunity.

Ignorance, I’m sure, is the key. Holding uneducated parent’s beliefs from childhood through to adulthood until the next generation is born – then the continuity is lengthened again. Like a piece of string being unwound further and further. These misbeliefs have to be severed and a new thread begun. It’s the only way forward, as far as I can see.

However, laying the blame solely at the door of parents is entirely unfair. In the age of global communication it is easy for both children and adults to take on the views and beliefs of other groups inhabiting the planet. The machinery is in place at the touch of a button. LGBTQ hatred is just one aspect of them. In my opinion the worst offender in religious countries is the church. I won’t say the UK doesn’t have this problem, of course we do every now and again, but it’s mostly slapped down and we carry on the same as always. That’s because we are, I would say, now a mainly secular country with regard to organised religion, although I am glad to see an increase in some kind of spiritual following.

The Bible I’m afraid, has a lot to answer for. I can’t think of another book on the planet that has been picked over and torn to pieces (by both sides) as much The Bible. Quotes from it are thrown with vigour from one side to the other, claims and counter claims argued about. I bet this is the same for the other religious books too, but I don’t know for sure. In the end, it gets us nowhere, because these are beliefs. And a belief is…an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

This is the crux of the matter…especially without proof. Nobody knows for sure whether anything miraculous happened as described in, The Bible. It’s a collection of beliefs with real people thrown in, as far as I can make out. I’m not bible or religion bashing but just trying to clarify why I’m supposed to be doing something wrong. I’m a real person (hopefully a pleasant one) who lives a life of caring and loving other people in a a practical kind of way. If I can help someone, I do. I love my wife, whom I’ve been with for 44 years and wouldn’t change a day of it.

Yet, rather than take me as I am, a living and breathing, real-life, in front of your eyes person, I am judged under a system of beliefs – remember, the ones with no proof of anything. I and all gay people according to the haters are going to go to hell for loving the same sex (like we had a choice in the matter!). So, this is my point and it’s taken a long time to get to it… ‘Why are you concerned?’ I would say to the haters. Why does my everlasting soul and what happens to it, bother you so much that, you’d go to the trouble of trying to convince us (and would be gay people) that your path is best and my soul can be saved. My answer would be, ‘It’s my soul to do with as I please, and no concern of yours.’

I know my views probably won’t change anything, but someone somewhere might be having thoughts on the matter and I’d like the less seen version of my world given an airing. The old adage flying around Facebook says it all for me…’I don’t care whether you’re black or white, gay or straight, poor or wealthy, fat or thin, tall or short – if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.’ I care about people, not beliefs, and if everyone thought the same the world would be a much happier place to live, I’m sure.

Thanks for your time.


(If you are under any apprehension as to how bad things can get and have some time to spare, try watching this.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMbfQ117Jts  )


One thought on “Where Does The Hate Come From?

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head, why are some so concerned about what others do? It’s not their business for one and why are they so frightened or feel so threatened by someone different? The rise in hate crimes is very disturbing, it’s like we’ve taken a step backwards 100 years which is awful, considering the fight the LBGTQ has had to get recognition in rights the rest of us take for granted.and now, in places it’s all been for nothing because of a few bigoted people in power who quite frankly are so sadly lacking in any kind of morals themselves so have to justify their own shortcomings, and this is how they do it!

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