My first review in the new genre for, Best Served Cold.

From Jill Burkinshaw…

My review

This is a very gripping book on many levels.  If you like detective books then you will love this one it gets into the nitty gritty of detective where there are no clues and the only way to make any progress is to keep trawling through paperwork looking for anything that may have been missed.  This makes for a very interesting book.  It may not be as fast paced at some but certainly kept the pages turning as I became totally engrossed in the story.


The balance of description and investigation is perfect there is enough well written description for the reader to envisage the scene but not enough to be ‘padding’.


Kirsty Savidge is DCI but is a very hands on one who likes to be out and about with her team.  Her superior is Alison and we soon learn the two women have history.  If I have a minor gripe it is that I would have liked some answers to questions about the two but hopefully there will be more to learn in future books.


I love the characters they are realistic and develop their unique characters well over the course of the book.  I particularly liked the way Kirsty encouraged Paul and gave him the opportunity to show his initiative and play an active part in the investigation despite him not being a permanent member of the team.


The story itself is very different as the investigation progresses the reader learns about the background to the murders which goes back to events over 20 years ago which makes the investigating even more difficult but it all works perfectly as the different strands eventually link together and the reader is taken on a twisty turny ride to the end of the story with many shocks along the way.


An excellent read and well worth the 5 stars.